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Meet Tania

A message from the Owner

Hello and welcome to My Dubai Wedding. My name is Tania - Founder of My Dubai Wedding; My Dubai Wedding TV Presenter and my favourite title, which two of my very special clients Sophie & Lee bestowed on me, Fairy Godmother. I have immense gratitude that you've chosen to stop by and read a little about me.

I was born in London to a Croatian mother and German father. I spent most of my childhood in Austria, Switzerland and the U.K. When I arrived in Dubai six years ago with my two cats, Ellie and Maiya, I knew Dubai was the place I was going to make a difference. I met my incredible husband Stephen here and haven't looked back since (though I miss my miracle niece Sienna every single day). I adore meeting new people which is ever so handy for a Wedding Planner & Stylist...


One of the best moments in my Wedding Planning career has to be when I was given the incredible honour of being appointed Preferred Wedding Planner for The Ritz Carlton, Dubai. We are super excited to be planning some exciting weddings together over the course of the 2018 wedding season.

I lost a LOT of weight earlier this year when I decided to cut off all my hair (and remove at least 6kg of hair extensions). My husband is particularly happy with this decision. He "loves me just the way I am but much prefers when my hair doesn't cost a small fortune every week!"

I am utterly in love with love so spending my life investing my energy into the most important day of your life is an honour. It's pretty difficult to have a conversation with me without me bringing up my cats, my family, unicorns and/or passion fruit and I'm almost ALWAYS in a Bardot dress!

Things I would take to a desert Island are: Derek from Morning Jacket Wedding Films - so we can continue Venue Vlogging (!), my husband and my Lucas' PawPaw ointment (in that order).

This is a great big thank you for wanting to know a little more about me. I am humbled I am able to pursue my dream job in the knowledge my father is somewhere in the Universe aligning the stars to help me create a little bit of magic...

My Mission

I have made it my mission to ensure, if you're thinking of getting married in Dubai, that you have everything at your fingertips. Even if you're using another wedding planner here - you'll be able to decide on venues and suppliers from anywhere in the world. I just want to make your life easier because in the thirty-something years I have been on this incredible planet - the one thing I've learnt is that our time is so VERY precious.

My Promise

I can't promise I am the best I will ever be, but I can promise to be better today than I was yesterday and I'm striving to be a little better again tomorrow.

I promise to treat your wedding dreams and aspirations with the respect you deserve. I may have planned lots of weddings before - but I've never planned yours...