Diary - My Dubai Wedding
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Diary wedding planner 21 october 2017 mydubaiwedding
'When you love what you do, you'll never work another day in your life. So here's to 18 hours a day of not working!' 'I am not entirely sure 1200 colour samples from a Hardware stores paint section is
Diary wedding planner 14 October 2017 mydubaiwedding
'A Royal Event' 'It's all coming together' 'New Clients = New Mood Boards. WOOHOO' I'm utterly pumped at the moment. If I could bottle the way I feel I would be able to cure so many yucky illnesses... Sunday
diary of a wedding planner mydubai-wedding dubai
'Let's all be kind to each other' 'Welcome Home Tania' 'How lucky am I! I love my job' I'm getting into the groove of this Adrian Mole stuff. Although, from memory, he was far funnier than me. Perhaps the
Diary wedding planner 30 September 2017 mydubaiwedding
A week of Girlboss Heaven You know who your friends are when hard times hit Wedding Season in ON This week started pretty incredibly. I met someone. No no not like that! I met an amazing lady! Someone who
diary of a wedding planner 25th September 2017
Girlguiding 'A quarter of girls in the UK exhibit symptoms of depression by the age of 14' The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown I am Enough! An article in The Guardian broke my heart a little this week.
diary of a wedding planner 23rd September 2017
The Website launched on time - YIPPEE! 4,500 Views of The Ritz Carlton, Dubai Vlog in 4 days. From Australia with Love... Oh what a week! WE DID IT! We launched the website and I am thrilled with the
diary of a wedding planner 15th September 2017
If I could bottle and sell the way I feel this week I would be a millionaire. Ritz Carlton, Dubai - my dream came true… There are so many wonderful humans on Earth! This week has been utterly incredible