Diary of a Wedding Planner 7th October 2017 - My Dubai Wedding

Diary of a Wedding Planner 7th October 2017

diary of a wedding planner mydubai-wedding dubai

'Let's all be kind to each other'
'Welcome Home Tania'
'How lucky am I! I love my job'

I'm getting into the groove of this Adrian Mole stuff. Although, from memory, he was far funnier than me. Perhaps the adolescent prepubescent stuff hit home far more. OCTOBER ALREADY? Er how did that happen? Okay there are three months until the end of the year and I have one quarter left of 2017 to smash it!

Sunday 1st October 

Today something pretty saddening came up on my Facebook newsfeed. A lovely lady (who prefers to remain anonymous) posted in British Mums Dubai. Her husband complained of a backache and has since been diagnosed with a brain tumor, brain spine and lung cancer and she was pleading for help with referrals. It hit me hard. I mostly felt guilty for worrying about something trivial at the time. I am lucky to have my brother, Jack. He runs the The Centre for Human Health and Performance in London. He just so happened to be in San Francisco as a Cancer Forum so I asked him to help this lovely family. It's the absolute least I could do but I still feel terribly helpless. It reminded me of our need to be kind to each other.

Monday 2nd October
I am a little unsure what happened today. I sat down at the computer at 9:32am and its now Tuesday. Life admin, working out VAT rules for 2018 and setting up our partnership with Weddings Online happened it seems!  

Tuesday 3rd October

I met with James Berry Associates today. They were in need of assistance for an event they're holding in November and would like a little guidance. The event is for a worthy charity, Larchfield, helping underprivileged children in Tanzania so I was delighted to assist with such a worthy cause. It's 8pm and I have at least 5 hours work to do so I will check out before the bags under my eyes need a dedicated conveyor belt!

Wednesday 4th October

I managed to finish work at a very respectable 1am and had a brilliant day. Mainly in preparation for tomorrows presentation at The Ritz Carlton, Dubai. I also had a fabulous lunch with Teegan Deck from Five Palm Jumeirah. She really is BRILLIANT! She heads up the Wedding Team at the hotel and told me they're about to open the roof terrace up for Winter Events. THIS IS HUGE! Both in news and in size. It is a sensational space and has the most breathtaking view over the whole of Dubai. I am getting a little excited because My Dubai Wedding TV will be filming from up top in a few weeks so you can see first-hand what your wedding could look like with those views! Astonishing if you ask me!

P.S. we launched another Vlog today! MyDubaiWeddingTV - Five Palm Jumeirah & Pantone Greenery behind the scenes (catchy name I know!)

Thursday 5th October

There are a few things I love. My cats, unicorns, my husband, Smarties and walking into The Ritz Carlton Dubai to be greeted with 'Welcome Home Tania'. Is there a better way to be greeted? I think not. After welcome cuddles and handshakes from most of the staff, I met with the PR, Marketing and Events teams to discuss a massive party we are throwing in December. All the styling ideas have been approved (even the outlandish ones) and we are on the road to creating something EXTRAORDINARY. This is all in preparation for our coffee table Wedding Book we are producing for our couples getting married in 2018 and beyond. It is set to be a really exciting feast for the eyes as well as the tummies so be ready to be blown away! Tomorrow I am styling a shoot with two of my favourites! Paula from Paula Scalco Photography and James from Upscale & Posh Flowers. I am all packed and ready for tomorrow so at the respectable hour of 11:30PM I am now off to BED-fordshire for a good night sleep. Peace out wonderful humans.

Friday 6th October

My delightful neighbours upstairs decided to keep us awake until 4am so my 8am alarm went down like a lead balloon. Picture this: A herd of elephants playing chase between their rooms, banging doors, star-jumping on your head and then playing drum and base for the rest of their sobriety. Despite a rocky start to my day, I put on my big girl pants, inhaled a triple shot soya latte from Starbucks and handled it. Working with Paula Scalco and Upscale Flowers was a sensational way to commence a Friday. We managed to photograph 50 bouquets with details and incredible styling using both Paula's and my inventory of props (but mainly Paula's!). I also got to meet her gorgeous little girl, Maria, and hug her divine husband, Joseph who was the best babysitter in the entire world today! We didn't hear a peep out of either of them all day which allowed us to get on with the shoot. Hat Tip to you Joseph - I am sending Steve to you for training when we start a family!

Saturday 7th October

As I am not allowed to use the computer tomorrow (Saturday), I am writing this today (Friday). I am off to my second home The Ritz Carlton, Dubai for a daycation with this person I haven't seen for weeks: my husband. I shall be getting a little sun on my translucent skin and enjoying cocktails in their swim up bar followed by a snoozette on a sun lounger and little else. Total bliss having worked 19 days in a row and about to work 16 days in a row from Sunday. So apart from the odd Insta-Story of a highly piled strawberry Margarita, tomorrow is Digital Detox Day (I am also trying to convince myself not just telling you I will not be working).

See you next week, Tania x