Diary of a Wedding Planner 23rd September 2017 - My Dubai Wedding

Diary of a Wedding Planner 23rd September 2017

diary of a wedding planner 23rd September 2017

The Website launched on time - YIPPEE!
4,500 Views of The Ritz Carlton, Dubai Vlog in 4 days.
From Australia with Love...

Oh what a week! WE DID IT! We launched the website and I am thrilled with the incredible feedforward we have received (feedback has a negative edge - let's all use feedforward from now on).

When Derek from Morning Jacket Films and I met earlier this year to discuss the Vlog, we wanted to push boundaries. In fact, we wanted to eradicate boundaries. We wanted to ensure you didn’t have to sit through 'bore-off' interviews with suppliers talking about their businesses and what they could contribute to your wedding. We wanted to show you what happens during a wedding on the day itself. A couple of my friends thought I was mental. 'So, Tania, you want to plan and style a wedding, be there on the day for set up and take down AND Vlog whilst dealing with all the wedding panic too?' It sounds like somewhat of a mental task to set myself but I am my best when I am challenged.

Our clients, Sophie & Lee, who travelled from the UK for their Big Day, were thrilled to allow us to film behind the scenes. So whilst Sophie was relaxing, having her makeup done by Monica from MHG Beauty - we were on our hands and knees hammering white carpet into the soil and transforming Palm Grill into a Wedding Venue.

Whilst Lee was enjoying Man Time with his loyal guy-gang, we were sweating in 44 degree heat making sure everything was perfect for this incredible couple.

So we launched the Ritz Carlton Behind the Scenes Vlog, as promised, on YouTube and in 4 days we have received over 4,500 Views. Pinch me I think I'm dreaming. I am so utterly humbled by the way it has been received and is testament to hard work paying off.

I would be lying if I said I knew the first thing about YouTube and how it works. All we did is post it, without thinking about timing, added a few tags and said a few words to our Instagram friends. We then crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. Now, I know I'm not Luis Fonsi and haven't released a Despacito-esque Video boasting over 3.8 Billion YouTube views, nor have I got a brother called Charlie who bites my fingers but I am chuffed. If we continue with a thousand views a day we may actually be able to spend a little more time Vlogging Venues and Suppliers over the course of the coming season. Here's hoping…

Living in Dubai, I am fortunate to live a really lovely life. I have an incredible husband, my two cats, amazing friends and business associates I actually REALLY like! That being said I miss my family who are scattered all over the world. This week my cousin Kathy and her husband Phil came to stay for a couple of days. They were on their way to visit more of the family in Croatia so the long flight from Adelaide was appeased by a few days with us in the last of the humid Summer.

I got to take a little breather from the 18 hour days and enjoy some of the touristy things that made me fall in love with Dubai in the first place. Hubby and I took them on an Abra Tour of The Creek, cemented with a visit to the Textile Souk and a leisurely lunch at The Boardwalk. We had sundowners up in At.Mosphere on the 123rd floor of The Burj Khalifa followed by dinner at Karma Kafe with perfect views of the fountains.

Besides spending quality time with family, we got to remind ourselves of how amazing this Emirate is. We actually live here. We can leave our belongings at the Dinner Table to go outside to the Terrace and know that, when we return, everything will still be there. Just as it was. Just as it should be. It's a priceless feeling and one I am grateful for every day.

I've not seen my Aussie family for 8 years, since I visited for Christmas in 2009. Kathy and I wanted to video call my Uncle Steve and Aunty Barbara. After a little while of phones being off and on silent and camera angles misunderstood I had an amazing view of their Fridge but it made me realise I want to go and see them and hug them soon.

I wanted my Uncle Steve, as my eldest living relative, to give me away for My Dubai Wedding earlier this year.

Sadly, due to health issues, they were unable to come to Dubai, so we have decided to try and have a little Vow Renewal next Easter in Australia. Uncle Steve will give me away and we will sail down the river with the family enjoying a Barbeque on the boat. I will get to meet my 3rd cousins (all four of them) for the first time and we will be together again.

We have some exciting content to launch this week from Five Palm Jumeirah as well as meeting some brilliant brains in the Industry so head over to the Vlog page. Oh and get Subscribing on YouTube as well (pretty please)...

Tania x